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Scale your business to over 144 countries with
555+ operators
Best-in-class technology for top-ups with operator identification
Implement it today - no license or setup required


Web portal, IVR, USSD and API channels are available at start to you; for your customers to start transacting Mobile Airtime Top-ups and other goods and services.
So you have a complete solution to offer your clients.


We offer a complete white label Solution for Businesses, Banks and Mobile Networks; i.e if you are a Operator or Bank in multiple countries we can provide a one stop shop for all by consolidating all into one.


Our systems act exactly like a banking system, where clients can have multiple currency wallets under one account, so they can pay you in EUR, GBP, USD and all other currencies.


Where most will go down due to conventional issues, internet, network, VPN etc we stay up, as we have a dedicated line directly with Major Mobile Networks.

AI solution for 24x7x365 Support

We work when you don't - We are the first to have an AI which will inform you of any issues with operators, traffic stopping from your side all with our Bots on Skype and Slack

About us

Quality Policy

Global Prime Airtime X Limited is committed to the provision Mobile Airtime and Mobile DATA, Bill Payments and all other virtual purchases to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our teeming customers. To achieve this, we have established quality objectives in all relevant processes in the organization. We are committed to satisfying applicable requirements and continual improvement by ensuring compliance to customer and other applicable requirements that has been determined, communicated, understood and applied within the organization with the utilization of modern technologies and appropriate expertise in line with world best practices. We have established a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 which provides a framework for measuring and improving our performance. This policy has been communicated to all employees and relevant interested parties accordingly.

Managing Director



We were involved as the first in Mobile Airtime Topup integrations at the start a decade ago, we understand the Mobile Networks and Consumers needs in Sync.

Which is why we are able to deliver technological advances to Businesses and Consumers alike unlike no other.

Currently in Nigeria we are in high demand.

We have partnerships with 50 reputable companies we work closely with around the Globe which makes all our endeavours possible.

99% and over assurance on success rate.

Main reasons why Banks and other well recognised cooperation’s choose us:

  1. Auto number detection
  2. Number porting i.e. MTN>Airtel
  3. Ease of reconciliation with Topup-Log. Which has ‘Live Stream’ button so will show you transactions as and when happening on screen.
  4. Dashboard with statistical information you want to see.
  5. Support second to none in terms of automatically letting you know of Telco issues or notifying you of any stop in traffic.
  6. Innovative White labelled UI.
  7. Your current customer issues will be reduced by 80% which not only saves on cost, but provides a better reputation/image for you.
  8. After Proof of Concept, 95% have switched to Prime Airtime.
  9. Multiple currency wallets under 1 account, which means you do not need several separate accounts, so we can support all banking branches under 1 account, in multiple countries your branches resides in.
  10. We can support any volume from funding to tech i.e. pre funding not an issue! Technology: 100,000 transactions per second not an issue!


Our intelligent dashboard is updated every hour to give you information you need to see at a glance.

Plug us in and test for yourselves, not just the API but the UI.

Don’t settle for less, settle for ‘Prime Airtime’.


Technology Innovations Unparalleled

We have the best tech team around the Globe in UK, China and Ukrain; All of which work in harmony developing Technical innvoations not yet seen in the Market.


We love our planet, and to give back - we are using very efficient technologies and CO2-neutral data centres, this way our clients can sleep well knowing that not only they are covered with latest and most efficient technology, they are helping the planet as well

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No registration required, send directly to any prepaid mobile number. Credited instantly in local currency to recipient. High value for recipients in all emerging markets

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